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CLASS is the Community Legal Assistance Services System. 

CLASS is designed for community legal centres in Australia as a case management and funder reporting database.

What follows is the primary CLASS Documentation designed for:

  • CLASS Users (Centre workers and volunteers)
  • CLASS Administrators (Centre workers responsible for managing CLASS in each Centre)
  • CLASS report receivers (such as State, Territory and Federal Government agencies and some sector peak bodies) 

How to use this documentation

To get started, ​you can simply use the search box at the top of the right column of any Documentation page. Alternatively it may be easiest to navigate to any documentation content and any sub-contents from the menus found in the Contents column to the right of this page.

Image with documentation search bar and navigation menu highlighted

Click on "User Manual" in the Contents list to the right, and not only will you be taken to that Page, the Contents list on the right will now display the sub-contents (see screenshot below). The first sub-content item as shown below that is listed under User Manual is called "Conflict Check" - and this page has itself some sub content-items. So this is how we can drill into documentation details. 

image showing an expanded menu in the sidebar

If you have drilled into say "User manual" and then the sub "Conflict Check" you can easily travel back up the menu structure by clicking the "Up" link, found in the centre at the bottom of each page. You can also click to the prior or next page of the Documentation from the bottom of each page - those links are found either side of "Up" link. The link marked with a "<" will take you to the previous page, while the link marked with a ">" will take you to the next. 

You may also notice that any Sub-Contents of the page you are on will also appear as a list at the bottom of each page, above the "Up" link.  On this home page of the CLASS documentation, this will be exactly the same as the side contents as this is the top level for the rest of the documentation links.