Comparing DIY Reports to Standard Report Results

Note that filtering on Services is very specific when comparing a DIY Report to a Standard Report if your numbers don’t agree. Below is an example report where we are attempting to filter correctly.

Something to be cautious of is DIY Reports don’t include your Bulk Insert numbers which can affect how they present information & referral totals.

Things to Check:

  1. Additional Reporting date (On the left in the filter pannel) is Completed Service<
    1. Note an exception to this is when you are after services Open at Start, Closed During and Open During here
  2. You have Client Type and Client Category on the filter section of the Report (Red Rectangle Above):
    1. Filter Client Type on Individual only
    2. Filter Client Category on Full Client only
  3. This is dependent on the Report you are checking but make sure you are filtering on Service Type in general you will remove:
    1. Referrals & Information’s
    2. Custom Service Types i.e. No Show
    3. Triage Services
    4. Secondary consultation (With the lower-case ‘c’)
    5. Refer to the Standard Report pages themselves to check (Standard Reports)
  4. If you can’t filter on a field make sure you have “Loaded Report” and note you can ONLY filter out data that has appeared within the report so ensure you re-check your filters if you are loading a larger data set.
  5. Fields are within a Pivot Grid that means they are grouped in a certain way depending on the order you place them if your numbers don’t look correct ensure the ordering of your fields makes sense with regard to:
    1. Keeping fields from CLASS entities in a certain order i.e. placing all your Service fields to the left and all your client fields more to the right But Don’t mix and match them i.e. Client ID, Service ID, First Name, Suburb, Service Type is a bad grouping. Service Type, Service ID, Client ID, First Name, Suburb is a better grouping. 
  6. Note if you can’t load data for i.e. Problem Type, Assigned To check that you have ticked that field under the Additional Fields on the left hand side under the Funding Categories and Reporting date
  7. If you are trying to report on Custom Fields ensure you tick “Include Custom Fields” on the left hand side filter panel, if you can’t add your custom field from the field list ensure you have set it up per this article: (Adding Standard or Custom Fields)
  8. Note if you are Reporting on Referrals and Information services DIY reports Do Not include figures from Bulk Insert

Here are the steps on how to filter a field:

1)Left click on the Gray funnel of a placed field in the DIY Report 

2) Tick the options you need 

3) Press Okay

4)Notice that the Funnel has turned black if you are filtering instead of gray

5)Ensure you re-check your filters if you load a bigger data set as more fields may appear that you must filter out

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