Services for the Community


Services for the Community have been created as part of the National Legal Data Standards.  They used to commonly be called CLE (Community Legal Education) work or similar. (CLE is now one of several service types in this section).

For Services for the Community, there are two levels of data. “Projects” came from the previous database, (they are not in the new data standards) and they simply act like a folder (or bucket) in which the Services are stored. Sometimes Centres get funding to run multiple services, and this information can be added (if required) in the Project fields. But it is the Services inside the projects that count in Services for the Community. In CLASS these are called “Project Services” to distinguish them from the CLASS Services for the individual (legal services etc.)

Your funders do not see or count Projects, they are only for Centre internal use. Funders do see details and counts of Project Services – so this is the important data to add to CLASS. To Create a new Project Service, you will however first need a Project.  Some Centres use Projects extensively – to say collect all the project services of the same type or time period together. Other centres only create one Project for each Financial year. 


Project Service Types

In accordance with the original National Legal Data Standards, and the more recent Data Consistency Guide the Services Types Include: 

  • Community Legal Education (CLE) Resources 
  • Community Legal Education (CLE) Activities
  • Community Education
  • Law and Legal Services Reform
  • Stakeholder Engagement


The Definitions for the above Project Services are now defined in the Data Consistency Guide Community Projects Section. See the links on this page for details. 


Getting Started

To get started you will need Click ‘Community’ in the Primary CLASS Menu (bottom left of the CLASS screen). The links to the top left of the screen will then change to the two search types Search Projects, and Search Project Service, and also the two links My Projects, and My Project Services which will show the services assigned to the currently logged in user. 

Searching Projects and Services 

These Services and their Projects can be searched for using the: 

  1. Menu: Community > Search Projects, or 
  2. Menu: Community> Search Project Services.

Indicated in image below.

Both these Searching functions operate in the same way as described in the Chapter Searching.


Viewing a Project Service from Project 

For full instructions please view Creating a Project Instructions page.

Clicking on a Project ‘Service’ tab shown in red in the screenshot below, brings up the list of Services attached to this project.