Troubleshooting DIY Reports

Here are some common issues and answers to questions regarding CLASS DIY Reports found under Reports & Accountability >> Reports >> On the second page at the bottom (or type “DIY” in the Display name column) for these types of reports to show up.

No custom field data showing?

Tick Include Custom Fields located near the bottom of the left-hand side filter panel

No data showing for a particular field?

Check the Additional Field(s) drop down located on the left-hand side of the DIY Report on the filter panel. The field you are after may be present there and need to be ticked to display. Common examples are:

  • Service Assigned To 
  • Problem Type

Can’t see the fields you need?

Note there are different types of DIY Reports available with different data. The one you will use 90% of the time will be DIY Service Client report but there are also others: 

Report NameAbout
DIY Service ActionsGets your service data along with the actions underneath them
DIY Service Additional PartiesGets your service data but you can also access additional or other party data
DIY Client Additional DetailGets client data only but includes their other addresses, phone numbers or contact details
DIY Client DocumentsGets client data and information on the documents attached to their records
DIY Project DocumentsIs the only report that lets you report on just projects specifically
DIY Project Project ServiceGets you details about project services and their parent projects
DIY Project Service ActionIncludes project service action data along with the project services
DIY Project Service DocumentsIncludes documents attached to project services

DIY data not lining up with your standard reports?

See this page on how to filter a DIY report to reflect Standard Report numbers.

Need on-going legal support numbers?

This page shows you how to go about that.

Ordering of fields can matter

Please be careful with the order you place fields on a DIY report as it behaves much like a pivot table/grid meaning your data will be grouped by the left most field if such a grouping is available. This grouping/aggregation can compound, meaning you can have several fields behaving in this way. This can lead to data being grouped in such a way as to exclude certain records. It’s worth keeping this in mind if:

  • You have a complex report with several fields, in which case it might be worth removing some fields and or creating separate reports
  • Trying to keep related fields directly next to each other eg. try to have Client records and Service records next to each other rather than a pattern such as: client, service, client, service field(s)
  • You are likely to have allot of blanks for a particular field eg. Outreach you can’t group on data that might not be there for some records if it’s your first field.

Best practice share your saved DIY reports

On a saved / named DIY report you can then share it with either CLASS roles or specific people see this page

Someone has left but they had DIY Reports we need

You will have to go to System Users > Look for the terminated user or the account of the person that has left account. 

Coordinate with your IT provider or person that manages your Microsoft accounts and setup a temporary account to use to log into CLASS with this former colleagues account.

  • First tick Active and un-tick any of the following if they appear ticked (supervised, locked) and save the record
  • Now update the username to the account provided by pressing on “Change username” via the link on the top right provisioned by your IT provider. It needs to match your other emails at your organisation in terms of the “Domain” or part after the “@” symbol
  • Check for any trailing or leading spaces and remove 
  • Save the record
  • Now log into the account via an incognito window / private browsing window
  • When you finish logging in carry out the sharing process with the relevant roles / people
  • Terminate the CLASS account again after changing the username and get rid of any temporary accounts in Azure created or instruct your IT provider to do so

Can’t see DIY reports? 

Make sure you have appropriate roles/permissions on your account. You need to be or have any of the following roles:

  • CLASS Administrator
  • CLASS Admin advanced
  • Add on DIY Reporting +  Add on DIY Reporting child reports

These can be found at System Settings >> User Accounts >> look for your account and what is ticked under roles via the bottom left of your account when it is opened. If you don’t have the roles or can’t see them, get your CLASS Centre Admin to give you said roles if appropriate.

Getting “can’t load document” or some other error?

Are you getting any strange errors preventing you from running your report? Try clearing your cache

If that does not work try reducing how much data or fields are on the report eg. pick a smaller date range (if it’s a timeout error) or the window remains unresponsive with a loading wheel/image.

Can’t see a custom field or its appearing under a different or abbreviated name?

check the settings found on the bottom of this page

Referral numbers not lining up?

Bear in mind DIY Reports don’t include Bulk insert and referrals have more complicated counting logic we suggest you use a standard report for this.

Not seeing particular data for a field or some of its excluded?

Check that you are not filtering the field data incorrectly. Next to the title/field name look at the filter/funnel icon if it appears coloured or darker than the usual light gray. This indicates the field is being filtered. Left Click on a filtered field to exclude/include data by ticking/un-ticking the boxes.

Report filters keep changing every time you use the report or work with it?

If you want to make sure the DIY Report opens just as is (this is the default setting) without remembering the filtering you used last time you had it open ensure this box after pressing “Edit” is Un-ticked called “changes in filtering are saved persistently“.

Not sure where to put fields from the field List?

See this page for getting started with DIY reports. There are 4 places you can put DIY fields. 

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