Field Mapping

Field mapping is for Standard Fields, and is the mechanism where CLASS administrators with correct permissions can choose where a field will or will not appear in CLASS. For Standard fields attached to Clients admins can select which fields will appear depending on Client type. (e.g. make certain fields only show when they are for organisations.) For Standard fields on Services, Fields can be set to appear depending on the Service type. This also where Admins can hide Standard fields, but care should be taken as it may be possible to hide fields required for reporting etc.

CLASS Administrators with correct permissions can access field mapping by clicking System Settings / Field Mapping as shown in the two red boxes in the screenshot below: 

Standard fields are listed by the Data Entity Types: Client, Project Service, or Service, as shown in the blue box above. These can be browsed by clicking the small triangle to the left side of each of these 3 headings in the blue box. 

A faster way to find a field is to search in the Control Caption Box indicated by the purple arrow. 

Once the Field is located, click on it, and a pop up appears such as this example: 

Above we can see the pop up for the field attached to services called “Hearing Type”.

From here we can change which Service Types this field is mapped to. So for example we may add this field for Legal Tasks and Duty Lawyer services, but not the rest. For this example we would select those two service types in both “Available for” and “Show For”. The middle option “Required For” is not recommended unless it is desired to make this field mandatory, which means options need to be selected before the service will save. 

Do not remove fields required for NPA reporting unless you are not funded in this way. If you are not sure about this contact Helpdesk. 

Field mapping is not the place to add or edit field options, this is achieved using Types & Categories


Please contact the CLASS Helpdesk if you require further assistance