Services For Individuals - Introductory Videos

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This section covers everything you need to know about services, including how to create a service, search for services and managing services. Please be aware depending on your role and permission you may not be able to create a service. 

CLASS Services are an area of considerable change between the old database CLSIS and CLASS.

Changes have been brought about by the service types set out in the National Legal Assistance Data Standards Manual.

Services for Individuals are your main legal and non legal services such as Information, Referral, Legal Advice, Legal Task, Non-Legal Support, Duty Lawyer and ongoing ‘Representation’ Services. These Services are managed in the CLASS menu. 

What are the Services for Individuals?

The Services for Individuals were originally drawn from the National Legal Assistance Data Standards Manual.

The Services are: 

  • Information
  • Referral
  • Legal Advice
  • Legal task
  • Non-Legal Support
  • Facilitated Resolution Process
  • Duty Lawyer Services 
  • Representation – Dispute Resolution
  • Representation – Court/Tribunal
  • Other Representation

Community Projects and Services are accessed via the Community menu. These include services previously known as ‘Non-Casework Projects’ in CLSIS such as Community Legal Education (CLE) Activities and Resources, as well as Stakeholder Engagement Services or Law and Legal Services Reform. 

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