Accountability Troubleshooting

If you find yourself stuck after trying below steps or don’t see an answer to your question or issue please email us at 

For Centres

Don’t see the Accountability Module in CLASS?

The Accountability module is typically found via Reports & Accountability > Accountability (Toward the bottom left). If its not there this is a permissions issue please contact your CLASS centre administrator and ask them to give you the “Add – on _ Accountability” role for your user account. 

This is found under System Settings > User accounts > Open your account > Toward the bottom right under “Roles” tick the above Add On and save the record.

For Permissions to be saved please log out and back into CLASS then you should see the module.

Getting an Error or some other issue preventing you from using features in Accountability? 

Please try clearing your browser cache and or following the process linked here (Clear Cache) and then attempting what you were trying to do once again. This can resolve many errors should they appear such as an “Internal Server Error” failing that please contact the helpdesk. (As above)

Can’t Upload Reports to your Relevant Funding Categories for this Financial Year?

This is set up by your Program manager in a different part of CLASS so please reach out to them and feel free to copy in to help facilitate that conversation. They would need to go through this process again (Accountability For Program Managers) and choose the relevant funding categories.

Want to Upload a new version of an Accountability Report?

To resubmit a report you need to ask your Program Manager to reject it first. Once they have changed the status to Not Approved, then you’ll be able to upload the new version. If what you’ve changed is an attached document then they should see the amended version, however if it’s something in the fields you enter directly into CLASS, that can’t be changed without it being unapproved and sent back to you.

Can’t see the Documents Tab for particular Accountability Reports?

Please try a cache clear (Clear Cache) if that does not resolve the issue get your CLASS Admin to check you have the Add on Permission “Document Management” found under your system user account toward the bottom right. If you have the permission and you’ve signed out and back in to CLASS and its still not showing please contact the help desk email at the top of the article. 

There is a potential configuration issue which they can fix under your centre profile to properly allow document management

For Program Managers

Can’t see next Financial Year?

This is date dependent so please wait for the current financial year to end and the option should become available to set up Centre Accountability. Note this won’t be automatic and post the beginning of the new Financial year please go ahead and set it up in the admin portal

Please let the helpdesk know if it has passed the financial year and this is still not showing up.

Can’t see the Save button for an Accountability Report from a Centre?

Please let the Centre know that they need to change the status of their report from Draft to “Submitted” you can then approve it Or if its still not available get the centre to request an extension date, approve that extension date then change the status as above.