Searching for a Service

The Search Service function now has new fields available: Funding Categories, Office Location, Outreach Location and Additional Parties. As usual, drag fields you do or don’t require into the columns from the Customise / Column chooser. More columns will work best on wider computer monitors.

Clicking on “Customise” will bring up the pop-up box, “Column Chooser.” If the fields above are not already appearing in Search Services, there is a likelihood that these columns are hidden in the Column Chooser. To add Funding Category, Office Location and Outreach Location from Column Chooser, simply drag them and drop the fields in between the existing columns. 

Now you are able to see the new search columns added to the view.

You can also hide fields by dragging the existing columns into the Column Chooser.

Use keywords to filter relevant searches. For example, to find all services in relation to Legacy Funding Category, use the word “Legacy” to find all services provided under Parent Legacy Funding Category.

General use of Search Services

Step 1. Select CLASS from from the primary menu as indicated in the image below.

Step 2. Select Search Services from the secondary menu.

Step 3. Search for the Service using the details you have such as First or Last Name, Service Type or a relevant date or time period. More detailed information on filtering and customising your search are available in Searching


 The following example has been based on the Last Name “SMITH”.

Step 4. Enter the information and hit ‘Enter’. The results will display all Services related to clients with the Last Name “SMITH”

Step 5. Once the desired record has been found, click on the Service ID to open the Service.

Please note: clicking on the Client ID will open the Client record.

Step 6. If the search displays a lot of results, there are navigation tools located at the bottom of the page.