DIY Project Service Action

DIY Project Service Action relates to reporting on Project Actions. Use DIY Project Service Action if you need data on number of project actions in a time period, project action types, due dates, or project action-specific fields.

The reporting dates available are Project Service Open Date, Project Service Action Created Date, and Project Service Action Due Date.


Fields unique to this report:

Use DIY Project Service Action if you need to report on the following fields. Note that all these fields correspond to Projects and Project Actions only:

  • Action Assigned To
  • Action Created By
  • Action Notes
  • Action Supervisor
  • Action Type
  • Client Advised
  • Contact Method
  • Critical
  • Critical Issue Code Type
  • Date Of Creation
  • Minutes Spent
  • No Of Action
  • Reminder Added
  • Reminder Email Template
  • Send Calendar File