How to run the NPA Performance Benchmark

What is it?

See here NPA Performance Benchmark

Number and proportion of representation services, closed in the period, that were provided to financially disadvantaged clients. The Benchmark is 90%.

How is it measured?

Financial disadvantage is measured by the Financial Disadvantage Indicator (FDI). This is a mandatory field on all services. 

Users can select a series of Yes options (eg Yes – Centrelink benefit), No and Unknown.

Services where Unknown is selected in the FDI are excludedfrom the report. This was specified by AGD in their ‘Data Items and reporting for CLCs’ and negotiated with the sector. Excluding unknown is good – it means the total is lower, therefore the proportion is higher. This is not the case in other NPA reports.

Discrepancies with other reports

Other NPA and general reports do not exclude Unknown entries. This has caused some confusion and concern that a report is not accurate, particularly NPA Performance Indicator – Services to Priority Clients. The number of rep services to FD clients should be the same in all reports, however the total and proportion could be different.


Services migrated from CLSIS, were defaulted to Unknown as FDI was a new field in CLASS, and measured differently in CLSIS. For the Jan-June 2017 reporting centres, some centres had to review records to correct the FDI field and ensure that all relevant closed rep services were counted.


Start Date: 1 Jan 2017

End Date: 30 Jun 2017

Funding Categories: All CLSP Funding Type


  • By State (will show one row per state in report) – select the states and territories only, the other boxes are ‘reporting bodies’ not relevant
  • By Centre (will show one row per centre in report) – select state/territory(s) and all or selection of centres.