Standard Fields

As the introduction to fields discusses, Standard fields are pre-baked into CLASS for all centres.

Standard fields are distinguished from Custom Fields that are custom built by individual centres.  

Standard fields are managed in three different locations: 

  • Types and Categories – This is where adding and editing field options are managed
  • Field Mapping – This is where (most) standard fields can be mapped to certain service types or client types etc
  • Customise Standard Fields – This is where (many) standard fields can be renamed, hidden or made mandatory

It is sometimes also useful to view all Standard fields to locate what you are looking for.
It is also useful to see if the field you want to edit or change is not on this list as this would mean it is a custom field

The following link leads to a downloadable list of all Standard fields and also Standard fields lists broken down by data entity type (Clients, Services, Projects etc)

The Standard fields lists