Creating a User Account Only

Creating a User account without a Worker account will give the user access to log in but not to record changes under their name as a worker, their changes will not appear in the Audit Log. Refer to Creating Worker and Linked User account for steps on how to create a Worker account linked to a User Account.

User accounts without Worker Accounts will not appear in the Conflict Check.

1. Click on Systems Settings (Step 1 in image below)

2. Click on User Accounts (Step 2 in image below)

 3. Click on New (Step 3 in image below)

4. Fill in the user’s basic information (Step 1), choose a Role for them (Step 2) and make sure thier username is their UPN or Microsoft office email (your organizations typical email’s if unsure check another working account) (Step 3)

Note: its very important that you assign only one main Role for the user (if the role is not prefixed or starts with “Add On”) typically that is a choice between: Volunteer, General Staff Access, CLASS Admin and CLASS Admin Advanced (least permissions to the most permissions)

5. Press the button and the user’s page.