Advanced Search – Using Filter Builder

Video Tutorial


To see an example of Filter Builder, go here: Example: Open Representation Services by Worker

The Filter Builder (FB) is an advanced search function available in any search window. It is a powerful tool allows you to refine your searches by building up search criteria. 

You can start to build your search filters by right clicking on a column heading, or by selecting the blue, underlined text that displays at the bottom of your screen during a search. 

On opening, the FB tells you what you have already searched for – in this example we have searched ‘Last Name Contains Smi’

The FB contains three links to different menus that enable you add to or change your search criteria. These links are displayed in Red, Blue and Green. 


The Red list provides the search operators or rules. 

  • And  – all results must meet all search criteria in this group. For example, First Name and Last Name and Date of Birth will only display results that meet all three criteria.
  • Or – results must meet either criteria A or criteria A. For example ‘Last Name Contains Smyth’ or ‘Last Name Contains Smith’ will produce a list of clients with the last name containing Smith or Smyth. 
  • Not And
  • Add Group – add another operator 
  • Add condition – allows you to add search criteria – same as clicking the plus sign to the right of “And” 
  • Remove – clears all search criteria in the FB and allows you to start again.

Adding search criteria

To add more search parameters, click the small plus  sign next to the Red link and a new line of search criteria is added. Clicking on the Blue or Green link opens up a menu of options.

The Blue menu is a list of fields you can search by – it matches the columns in your list view, including any not currently displayed.

The Green list contains some search criteria that you will have already seen in the column search function plus more.

  • Equals
  • Does not equal
  • Is greater than
  • Is greater than or equal to
  • Is less than
  • Is less than or equal to
  • Is between
  • Is not between
  • Contains
  • Does not contain
  • Begins With
  • Ends with
  • Is like
  • Is not like
  • Is blank
  • Is not blank
  • Is any of
  • Is none of

Building and refining searches

The FB allows you to customise and refine searches using many different layers or combinations but not all of the search criteria fit together. For example, First Name Is between will not yield any results because Is between is best suited to dates. We could fill these pages with examples of searches that are possible using the FB but instead, we recommended that you experiment. Use the different fields and operators and see what results you get.