DIY Recipe 15: Recording Turnaways

Step-by-step guide

To create a report that gives you data on the number of clients your centre has had to turn away. Follow these instructions:

  1. Open the list of Reports, which is found under the CLASS Menu ‘Reports and Accountability’ (bottom left corner of CLASS). Next click menu item ‘Reports’ (top left menu).
  2. Search for then select the DIY report template with the Display name: “DIY Service Client”
  3. Set the ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’ (alternatively select a ‘Rolling Date Range’)
  4. Set ‘Additional Reporting Dates’ to ‘Service Date (Completed Service)’
  5. Under Funding Categories, select all (unless you only want to look at a specific funding category).
  6. Open the Field List by clicking the Customise button in the top right
  7. Drag ‘No Of Service’ into ‘Drop Data Items Here’
  8. Drag all of the following fields to ‘Drop Row Fields Here’ (NOT in ‘Drop Column Fields Here’)
  9. Service ID
  10. Reason For Referral
  11. Make sure the fields are in the correct order and match the image
  12. Click ‘Load Report’
  13. [Optional Step] Click the filter icon in the ‘Reason For Referral’ field and select your preferred options. Click OK
  14. Save and Share as required.


Image of how the report should look after clicking Load Report: