CLASS and ICT resources

What is CLASS?

CLASS (Community Legal Assistance Services System) is a data application that has 3 main functional areas: 

  • Data entry front end (where most centres enter their client and service data) 
  • National database repository (where data entered by centres is collated for reporting purposes). This repository also collates data from other front end data entry applications, such as Actionstep, Consenus, Salesforce, Smokeball etc,  
  • Reporting functionality – used by other organisations to report on de-identified and aggregated data to meet their NLAP, Commonwealth, State and other funding providers funding program acquittal requirements. 

All community legal centres funded under the National Legal Assistance Partnership Agreement (NLAP) must use CLASS to report service data under their funding agreements. 

Community Legal Centres Australia works with an external provider to maintain CLASS and to generate de-identified data reports for the Commonwealth and state and territory governments. 

ICT and Data Helpdesk

The ICT and Data Helpdesk can help you troubleshoot many CLASS, ICT and Data problems related to using CLASS and reporting on the national dataset. We can also  

The Helpdesk can also: 

  • deliver training on sector data collection and reporting 
  • advise on data and system integrations 

Bookmark our ICT and Data Helpdesk portal!

Please use the ICT and Data Helpdesk Portal for all support and training requests. The portal is the best way for you to contact us and for us to help you. You can use it to share screen shots and keep track of your inquiry. 

Log in with your email address and follow the password reset prompts to get started! 

Please note: the username field is case-sensitive. Please enter your email address exactly how your organisation set it up. 

Contact the ICT and Data Helpdesk by email or phone

You can also contact the CLASS Helpdesk by: 

  •  Email: Please include your name, centre name, state and contact details. We’ll respond as soon as we can. 
  • Phone: 1300 484 498. If we can’t answer straight away, please leave a message with your name, centre, state and contact details and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Before you get started we recommend watching this five-minute introductory video

It is a starter orientation to CLASS, describing the basic layout and navigation, and some of the simple functions available in CLASS.


Before Using CLASS – Describes steps you need to take in order to have the best experience using CLASS

CLASS Navigation – Gives an overview of how to Navigate through the CLASS system

Getting Started – Text Guide – General descriptions of the module’s found in CLASS

Getting Started – Video Guide – 5 minutes on each Module or part of CLASS covering the basics

Your CLASS User account – How to log in to CLASS and what to do if you encounter any issues

Other Training Videos – Other Training Videos on usage of CLASS