Types & Categories

The Types and Categories Page in CLASS is the place CLASS administrators with the correct permissions can edit Standard Field Options. 

To find this page an admin should Select System Settings / Types & Categories. 

Note: Any changes to Types & Categories may not be reflected until you next log out and in again.

Permissions for Types & Categories Access

CLASS users should note, the full Types & Categories can only be accessed by the Role “Advanced Administrator”. When you click Types & Categories full access means there should be over 90 fields to edit. If you only have around 15-20 fields listed, you are probably only a Regular CLASS “Administrator”. Contact Helpdesk to discuss what you need to know to be upgraded to Advanced Administrator.  

Re-ordering Field Options

It is now possible to reorder field options, to say put your most used options to the top of the list for easy options.
NOTE: This function was not working when the below video was made.
For more information about how to re-order your options click here.

How to Use Types & Categories

This video is about how to manage options in standard fields via Types and Categories. This includes creating new options, hiding options, setting defaults, and an introduction to parenting options.