VPN Setup

CLASS Helpdesk ‘whitelists’ access to users using each CLC or FVPLS office internet to allow access, while blocking any other access to the rest of the world.

CLASS allows for one way to circumvent the whitelist system for the purpose of allowing remote access. The way this works is by use of a tool called a Virtual Private Network (known as a VPN). The VPN makes it look as if the user is accessing CLASS from an acceptable network that has been whitelisted.

A VPN is set up on each device (Laptop, tablet, mobile phone) that the user needs to use for CLASS. Typically the user would turn on the CLASS VPN prior to accessing CLASS and then turn it off again when work is complete. Some users may leave it on all the time, others may need to juggle other VPN set ups for other services, which may need some thought to make everything work when required.

To Enable VPN Access

To set up a VPN users will need to create a new VPN account and Password. This is different to your CLASS login. Users will also need specific VPN settings suitable for your device and operating system.

To get VPN access, follow these steps for getting VPN access.

To get started, users should first make a request for a VPN through your Centre’s CLASS Administrator. We require the Administrator to make the request to the Helpdesk to ensure strong security measures. Due to the extra layers of security required, remote access should only be requested when necessary and users should fully understand the risks and responsibilities of managing devices with VPN access.

Your Administrator can email the Helpdesk on icthelp@clcs.org.au and a member of the Helpdesk will process the request.

Once your account has been created you will need to follow instructions setting up VPN’s.

Users and Administrators should be aware that VPN access expires every 3 months. This is a design feature to protect CLASS from users that no longer work for a centre. Admins should disable CLASS accounts immediately whenever people leave.

Please notify Helpdesk immediately if devices with VPN access are lost or stolen.

Helpdesk number is 1300 484 498
Helpdesk can immediately disable the VPN access and keep CLASS safe from unauthorised use..