DIY Recipe 12: CLE Number of Attendees


The purpose of this DIY report is to create a list view showing the number of attendees at project services.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open DIY Project Service Action template.
  2. Save-as the report and give it a name. Use the ‘save changes’ checkbox to determine if you want changes saved automatically in the new report you are making, or just use the ‘save’ button in the new report.
  3. Open the pivotGrid field list.
  4. Drag and drop the following fields into the ‘row fields’ section, left to right, one at a time:
    • Project, Project Title, Project Service ID, Project Service Type, Number of Persons Accessing CLE. 
      Do NOT place ‘number of persons accessing CLE into the ‘data items’ section as this field does not function as a data item.
  5. In the Filter Panel on the left, set a short date range, set additional reporting date to Project Service Open Date, select all funding categories
  6. Hit ‘load report’
  7. You should get an output similar to the screenshot below. You may want to filter ‘project service type’ to only show CLEs, etc, by using the filter button on the ‘project service type’ field
  8. Expand the date range if needed.
  9. REMEMBER TO SAVE THE REPORT if you want to use it again.
  10. Use the ‘sharing’ button to share the DIY report with different roles/ users if needed.


There is no sum total of ‘number of persons accessing CLE’ as this field does not operate in the same way as fields like ‘no of service’, ‘no of client’, etc. However this report is still useful to get a picture of the number of attendees in one report.

You could use additional filters in the ‘filter fields’ section such as problem type, assigned to, etc.

Example screenshot