Updating Client Details

With recent updates to CLASS, one can see that existing clients’ Basic Details and Contact Details have been greyed out in the main Client page. This mechanism was implemented to prevent people from overriding past records, such as addresses. To edit these details, move onto “Additional Details” tab next to the “Client” tab.

Moving onto Additional Details tab will reveal 4 sections where Client details can be updated. In order to update the address, click on “New” (red box). 

If the change is due to a mistake that you want to rectify, there is also the option of removing the existing field by ticking the relevant box (blue box) and clicking “Delete.”

Clicking “New” opens up a pop-up window where you can enter in a new address. If you wish to have this change reflected in the main client page, you must tick “Primary.” Save & Close.

You can see that new address has been added and set as “Primary.” In order to see this change reflected on the main client page, you will have to close the client page then reload.

Re-opening the Client page will reflect the update made to the “Additional Address” section. The North Sydney address has been changed to St Peters address.

Deleting Incorrect Information

Tick the item that needs to be deleted, and click “Delete.” This will lead to “Delete Confirmation” pop-up window. Check the box to acknowledge, and click Yes.

After deleting, the checked item has disappeared from Additional Address.

Adding Emails During Intake Step 4

During Intake Step 1, you will find that there is no field to record emails in Client Personal Details section. This was intentional in that Intake Step 1 was designed to record bare minimum of data needed in Conflict Checking process. It was deemed that Emails are less likely to be used for conflict checking purposes, and hence the field to record emails was not included in Step 1.

By the time you reach Step 4, you will encounter the field to record emails, but they won’t be editable from the Client page. Leaving this field blank would not cause problems in completing Step 4 unless your centre has set this field mandatory. However, if the email address must be added to this section, you will need to add this detail in the Additional Details tab.

Moving onto Additional Details tab will show “Additional Emails” section, with “no data to display.” Click on New to add an email address.

Clicking on New will open up a pop-up window to input the details. Make sure you check “Primary” box to have this information appear in the Client tab. Save & Close.

The email address added in the pop-up window has been added to the Additional Emails.

Going back to the Client tab during Intake Step 4 will show that the email field has now been updated.