Release 7

Over the weekend of 21-22 November we released version 7 (‘R7’) of CLASS for all users. This version of CLASS contains the following changes:

TicketTitlePrevious BehaviourDescription of Change


S11 not displaying financial year targets 

The S11 report previously required you to report on the whole financial year to display accountability targets. 

You can now run the S11 Report for any part of a financial year and still see the targets – if your date range crosses multiple financial years each financial year target will be summed and the total will be displayed. The percentages to target are based on the number of records delivered against the total target during the time period you have selected. 


Copy successful confirmation message – spelling error 

There was a spelling error on the message confirming “service copied succefully” when copying a service 

The spelling error has been corrected 


DIY Missing Custom Fields – Projects 

You could use DIY reports to report against Project Service fields but not most Project fields (including custom fields) 

There is a new report called “DIY Project Project Service” that lets you report on both Project and Project Service data (including custom fields). This report also implements a new performance feature called ‘Additional Fields’. This excludes loading multi-select standard fields (such as problem type) by default to improve report performance. You can select the fields you need to report on in this field before loading the report if you want to use them.

A full guide to this report can be accessed here.


Action Template – Possible Bug 

Client details were not previously available on action printout templates 

The full client dataset is now available on action printout templates. These fields will need to be added to your existing templates before you can use them and you can contact the helpdesk for assistance with this. 


Validation Error prevents New Role creation 

Users were previously unable to edit custom security roles without clearing column customisations on the tab for that role first 

Users can now freely edit custom security roles. 


Updates to multiple fields to become multi-select 


The following service fields are now able to store multiple responses and behave in the same way as the ‘Disability Status’ field: 
• Rate and Payability  
• Payment or Entitlement 
• Eligibility Qualification 
• Debits and Recovery 
• Disability Discrimination Area 
We have also made the client field ‘Income Source’ behave in the same way as above. 
These fields have been updated to count multiple responses accordingly in any DIY reports they are available in and any printout templates you use to refer to these fields will display accordingly. 


Custom client fields are not available in service printout templates 

Service Printout Templates could not get custom fields stored against the client 

Service Printout Templates can now utilise custom fields stored against the client. These will appear in the CLSGetService data model and much like in the DIY Service Client report will be prefixed with ‘CF_Client_’, followed by the field name. 


You should be able to delete client information from Information/Referral Services created via triage 

If you enabled the feature to delete client names and other details from Information/Referral services created via ‘New Intake’, services converted from Triage to Information/Referral still retained this data. 

You can opt-in to allow Information/Referral Services converted from Triage to delete client names, additional parties, actions, and documents. This is a separate set of options to those relating to Information/Referral Services created straight from New Intake. 


Add Action Description into ActionSchedule model for Email Templates 

Email Templates relating to Actions did not previously have the Action Description field available to populate in the email 

You can now add either Short Description or Long Description into any Action Email Templates (these are ones you parent to either Critical Date Reminder (for Client) or Calendar File Email (for Client)). The difference between these fields is that Short Description is truncated to 200 characters and is plain text only. The Long Description will retain any html formatting from your action. We would not recommend using the Description fields in your Email Template subject line, just the body. 


Printout Confirmation of Conflict Check 

Previously you could only view conflict data by clicking ‘View Conflicts’ from the Service Details tab of a service. 

You can now add conflict check history to a service printout like you would for actions. There is currently no template example for this but let us know if you would like a conflict check template for services. 



Known issues related to R7

There were a couple of issues that have already been reported following the release of R7. These have either already been fixed or will be fixed this coming Saturday 28 November at 8pm Sydney time. Details of these issues are below: 


Actions with ‘Send Calendar File’ ticked do not save 

This is triggered by having a blank description on your action when saving the calendar file. The fix is complete and will be in the weekend update. 

Triage Assignee Email does not pick up field values in certain circumstances 

This only occurred for brand new Triage services straight from intake and the fix is complete for deployment this weekend. 

As this email workflow is a new feature that not all centres want we have also made this feature optional – it will not be enabled for any centre initially. If it is useful to your centre to send an email to a worker when they have been assigned to a Triage service please let the helpdesk know you want it to be switched on. 

Multiple reminder emails are sent for each Action with a reminder/critical date 

Our developers were able to resolve this issue as at the evening of 24 November. If you are still experiencing this issue please contact the helpdesk.