Service Conversion Guide

I used to record matters like this, now what do I call it?

The following table is a guide to assist Responsible Persons in transitioning from CLSIS to the new Data Standards terminology used in CLASS. This is not an exhaustive list of possible scenarios at a Centre. Where a Centre requires further clarification about how to record a particular type of work, please consult Community Legal Centres Australia. 

Full definitions and examples of each Service can be found in the National Legal Assistance Data Standards Manual


To be recorded as:Previously recorded as:Examples

Services for Individuals






Legal Advice



Legal Task

Minor Casework (0-5 hours); or other case where representation was not involved; or Advice that involved minor task assistance

  • Writing to a landlord to advocate for the client
  • Drafting a letter that will go out in the client’s name
  • Conducting research for a client
  • Drafting a court document for the client

Non-Legal Support (Discrete)

Advice (Non-Legal)

  • Court Support (one off)
  • Financial counselling (one off)

Non-Legal Support (Ongoing)

Casework (Non-Legal) or a sequence of Advice (Non-Legal) activities

  • Court support or counselling throughout prolonged court proceedings, ie multiple sessions or meetings

Facilitated Resolution Process

Advice or Casework (variation as CLSIS workarounds in place in relevant CLCs)

  • Mediation session/s where the CLC is the facilitator/mediator

Duty Lawyer

Casework – where ‘Duty Lawyer’ is selected in Case Hours

  • Advice, representation or assistance by a duty lawyer at court/tribunal

Court/Tribunal Representation

Casework – where ‘Court/Tribunal’ checkbox is ticked

  • Representation of a client at court or tribunal

Dispute Resolution Representation

Casework – where ‘Primary/Alternative Dispute Resolution’ checkbox is ticked

  • Representation of a party in a mediation process through Family Court

Other Representation

Casework – all other minor, medium and major cases

  • Writing a series of letters to a client’s employer advocating for the client where it is not required to proceed to Fair Work Commission.

Services for the Community

Non-Casework Project


Project Type: Community Legal Education – Activities

Project Type: Community Legal Education

  • Presentation to community organisation about family law proceedings (each presentation is a new Activity)

Project Type: Community Legal Education – Resources

Project Type: Community Legal Education

  • Publication of a brochure about family law proceedings

Project Type: Community Education

Project Type: Community Legal Education

  • Presentation to school leavers about managing finances

Project Type: Law Reform and Legal Policy

Project Type: Law Reform and Legal Policy

  • Provision of a submission to a Senate Enquiry

Project Type: Stakeholder Engagement

Project Type: multiple may apply

  • Participation in national or state network meeting