Mass email

The mass email tool is used for sending emails to workers at your centre. You can create templates in the email templates section of the tools menu, and edit them during the Mass Email process. Attachments can be selected from your computer, from pre-existing Printout Templates, or from the Document Management features built into CLASS.

The Main Screen

There are three buttons on the Left-hand side of every Mass Email. These are PreviewLog, and Resend

Preview: This opens a popup displaying a preview of the Mass Email. It shows addressees, subject line, body of the email, and any attachments

Log: This displays a list of the times the Mass Email was sent, including times sent and any errors in the sending process

Resend: Click this button to send the Mass Email again, with the same parameters as the first time


How to create a new Mass Email

Step 1

Press the New button

Step 2

Select a template, these templates can be edited in the Email Templates section of the tools menu

Step 3

Use the Find People buttons to select the workers you want to send the email to, and fill out any remaining fields

Step 4

Use the Attachment button to select a source for your attachment:

Upload from Computer: Select the file from your computer, similar to attaching a file to a normal email

Select from Document Store: Search for documents connected to services through CLASS’s document management features

Select from Printout Templates: Attach a pre-made form from Printout Templates, available through the Tools menu

If you attach a file from the document store or printout templates, click the Attach and Close button. If you are uploading a file directly from you computer, simply click on the prompt when it finishes uploading.

Step 5

Press the Send Email button in the top right!

The email will be saved in the Mass Email section, so you can quickly re-send it to the same people at a later date.