LexisNexis is an online library of legal reference material, including legislation, cases and journals. 

Through an agreement with LexisNexis, Community Legal Centres Australia and organisations in our membership network can access two LexisNexis products without charge.

  • Lexis Advance, an online legal research platform, and Lexis Practical Guidance, a source of practically focussed content and tools  
  • Lexis Red allows users to ‘borrow’ specific and download titles for a specified period; our agreement allows five simultaneous users for any given title. 

Our access to these products extends to all member centres. Access to these products means sector workers can use around 65 different titles online at no charge.

Community Legal Centres Australia’s agreement with LexisNexis sets out a list of titles we can access, some available in Lexis Advance and some in Lexis Red – note that there is no ovelap in the content available via Lexis Advance and Lexis Red. We can issue logins to centres interested in accessing these products. In recent years, we have taken over the day-to-day administration of the account, allowing us to be more responsive to access requests from the sector. We are in ongoing discussions with LexisNexis about adding titles the sector identifies as valuable. 

Currently around two thirds of centres have logins to our LexisNexis account, and about 50% of logins are in active use. The level of engagement with this resource varies a lot across the sector. We are monitoring usage levels and planning for increased demand. 

Access to LexisNexis

To request access to Community Legal Centres Australia’s LexisNexis Account or provide feedback on the titles available to centres through Lexis Red and Lexis Advance, email us at info@clcs.org.au with the name and email address of each person who needs access – you can use this form.

Changes to acess

A few centres may still be using an older method of accessing LexisNexis called IP whitelisting. This has been mostly replaced by individual logins, which were implemented several years ago.

IP whitelisting will be disabled in May 2024. If your centre is still using IP whitelising, please email us to arrange individual logins.

Unused individual logins will be deleted after six months, so please log in regularly to maintain your login.


LexisNexis conducts a program of monthly webinars to help users learn how to get the best out of resources. Centres can also contact Community Legal Centres Australia, info@clcs.org.au, to arrange specific training sessions.