For member organisations

CLCs Australia works with the eight state and territory associations and the more than 160 member centres around Australia to strengthen and support the community legal sector. CLCs Australia manages the National Accrediation Scheme, the National Insurance Scheme and National Conference. It carries out data collection and analysis for the sector and provides access to the legal reference library, LexisNexis. Member organisations can access information about CLCs Australia services in the User Portal. 

Contact information for member organisations

ICT and Data Helpdesk

Helpdesk Portal

Helpdesk phone: 1300 484 498

Helpdesk email:

The ICT and Data Helpdesk can help you troubleshoot many Community Legal Assistance Services System (CLASS), ICT and data problems related to using CLASS and reporting on the national dataset.  

The Helpdesk can also deliver training on sector data collection and reporting and advise on data and system integrations. 

Please use the ICT and Data Helpdesk Portal for all support and training requests. The portal is the best way for you to contact us and for us to help you. You can use it to share screen shots and keep track of your inquiry. 

You can also contact the CLASS Helpdesk by:  

  •  Email: Please include your name, service name, state and contact details. We’ll respond as soon as we can.  
  • Phone: 1300 484 498. If we can’t answer straight away, please leave a message with your name, centre, state and contact details and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

National Accreditation Scheme (NAS) Portal

All community legal services that are part of CLCs Australia’s membership network must be accredited through the National Accreditation Scheme (NAS).  

Members only need access to the NAS Portal when working through the accreditation process with their Regional Accreditation Coordinator.  

There is no direct link to the NAS Portal. When a member needs access, their Regional Accreditation Coordinator contacts CLCs Australia to request access for nominated people at the member organisation. 

We will then email each nominee an invitation link to the NAS Portal. Once you have received this link, if you need help accessing the portal, contact the ICT and Data Helpdesk at  

To find out who your organisation’s Regional Accreditation Coordinator is, please log into the User Portal.

User Portal

User Portal

User Portal email:

The User Portal is for people working in community legal services that are part of CLCs Australia’s membership network (that is, they are members of the state or territory community legal centre peak body)

The User Portal replaces the old ‘Members’ Portal’. It contains sensitive resources for sector personnel only, including information about insurance, the National Accreditation Scheme, the National Legal Assistance Partnership, General Fee, directory of centres and past conference and webinar materials. 

If you would like to access the User Portal, please email  

National Insurance Scheme

CLCs Australia coordinates a national insurance scheme for member organisations that are interested in purchasing bulk insurance.  

You can find information about the scheme and resources in the User Portal.

For more information or queries please email  


Organisations in our membership network have free access two LexisNexis legal research products. 

To access these products, please email We will send you an invitation link and instructions on how to login to the LexisNexis website.