Reconciliation Action Plan

Community Legal Centres Australia is committed to strengthening understanding and healing relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous people. Since 2012, we have developed and implemented two Reconciliation Action Plans under the guidance of Reconciliation Australia. We implemented our second RAP from 2017 to 2019. During 2022 we reinvigorated our efforts to embed real and meaningful change in our organisation by starting work on a third Reconciliation Action Plan, which we will launch and implement in 2023. 


Professional Indemnity Insurance Network

The National Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) Network consists of representatives from each state and territory and works to support centres in legal practice management. As well as supporting the annual renewal of the National PII Policy, the network analyses claims and notifications under the policy and uses this to plan and provide resources and training at national and state/territory levels.  

Each year, the PII Network: 

  • Supports centres to make notifications to the insurance broker and provides guidance on next steps 
  • Delivers training on public indemnity insurance and risk management 
  • Oversees implementation of the annual cross-check process, which ensures that centres are complying with the sector’s Risk Management Guide, and which we deliver as part of our National Insurance Scheme   
  • Liaises with Regional Accreditation Coordinators on matters relating to legal practice as identified by the annual cross-check process. 


The National PII Network is capably convened and lead by Catherine Eagle from the Welfare Rights Centre of WA.