Our Board


Gerard Brody (Chair)


Wynetta Dewis


Arlia Fleming


Catherine McMorrine

Consultant; former Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Action Law Centre


Chief Executive Officer, Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Legal Service

CEO, Central Tablelands and Blue Mountains Community Legal Centre


Chief Executive Officer, Community Justice Services SA



Melissa Hardham


Simon Suttie


Sarah Toovey



Chief Executive Officer, WEstjustice

Principal Lawyer, Gippsland Community Legal Service

General Manager, Ruah Legal Services






Members Advisory Group

The Members Advisory Group is a forum comprising representatives of all Community Legal Centres Australia members (the state and territory associations of community legal centres). The group is an important forum for sharing the experiences of community legal services right across Australia, and this knowledge guides the work of Community Legal Centres Australia. The group meets regularly to share knowledge, agree collective action, and guide the national peak in its work.

Members Advisory Group members

Louisa Gibbs –  Federation of Community Legal Centres (Vic)

Ryan Gilmour – Community Legal Centres Tasmania

Katrina Ironside – Community Legal Centres NSW

Rosslyn Monro – Community Legal Centres Queensland

Cathy McMorrine – Community Legal Centres South Australia

Chelsea McKinney – Community Legal WA

Caitlin Weatherby-Fell – Northern Territory Association of Community Legal Centres