Media releases

Commonwealth’s failure to adequately invest in community legal centres sends sector a message to plan for winding down services

14 May 2024

Community Legal Centres Australia has described the Federal Government’s failure to make a sufficient investment in community legal centres for 2024-25, or to commit to ongoing legal assistance funding via the forward estimates, as a message to community legal centres that they should plan for winding down services. 

Taking gendered violence seriously means funding services that keep women safe

30 April 2024

The community legal sector is calling on Commonwealth, state and territory governments to urgently invest in community legal centres so that they can keep their doors open and continue providing the services that women escaping violence rely on to stay safe.

Community legal centres in crisis — 1000 people turned away daily as demand surges

25 March 2024

Today, Community Legal Centres Australia launched a report at Parliament House, Canberra, detailing new data on the state of the community legal sector nationally.

This Mardi Gras season, underfunded community legal centres are being forced to turn away LGBTIQ+ people in desperate need of support

1 March 2024

Today, a group of specialist LGBTIQ+ community legal centres and Community Legal Centres Australia have written to members of the Expenditure Review Committee asking for Commonwealth Government investment in LGBTIQ+ safety this Mardi Gras season.

Community legal centres facing national workforce crisis and at risk of imminent service shutdowns without urgent Commonwealth funding

15 January 2024

Community Legal Centres Australia has today sent letters to key Commonwealth Government Ministers requesting their support for several budget measures crucial to keeping community legal centres’ doors open amidst a workforce crisis that is threatening access to justice for people and communities across Australia.

Community legal centres commit to supporting ongoing First Nations-led protest movements for justice and safety

24 October 2023: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community legal centre workers speak out on Australian racism in the wake of Voice referendum

The Australian community legal sector has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting First Nations justice movements, including work towards Treaty and Truth, as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community legal sector workers speak out on Australian racism in the wake of the referendum.

Governments must do more to protect communities from worsening climate disasters

5 October 2023

As climate change progresses, climate disasters are likely to increase in both frequency and severity. That such devastation is already so widespread in early spring is a dangerous sign for this coming summer and summers to come.