Search Clients

Clicking the CLASS Menu Item “Search Clients” leads to a similar search method to using the Conflict Check function, but it operates a little differently in some important ways. 

The most important difference is that Searching using Conflict Check will find ALL types of people or organisations recorded in CLASS, including non-clients (those with informations and referrals only), Triage Clients, Other or Related Parties. 

The primary reason to use Search Clients is when you know the person or organisation is an existing Full-Client. If you are not certain, Conflict Check would be the better option to catch all possible alternatives. 

Both Search Clients and Conflict Check Search use the 2-step “Search and Filter” Style. In the screenshot below, we can see the “above the line” options (in the red box) which are usually searched first, and then any results are filtered as required by the below the line columns (found in the blue box). 

Search Clients has an extra button above the line (along with Search and Clear) called “Show All”. Note Using “Show All” may take some time for larger Centres. This will pull up a list of all Full-Clients in your centre, that can now be filtered below the line. This was required for users that are not sure of exact criteria such as Name, Location or Address, but who may wish to search on criteria available in the filters, such as date ranges etc, (available using filter builder search techniques). 

New Feature:

Another difference between Search Clients and Conflict Check is that it is now possible to search directly below the line without using the above the line options, or Show all button. This is particularly useful for users that, say, have a Client ID directly in front of them (e.g. from the physical file). You can now place the ID (or part of the ID) directly in the “under the line” filter Column “Client ID” and press enter. This acts like a quick search. 

List of Full Clients after the clicking of “Show All” button.

List of Full Clients then can be further narrowed down using the Filter Columns.

Filter Builder options can be found via right-clicking one of the Filter Column boxes.

For steps on how to create a client please refer to How to Create a Client.


Search Clients will not return clients who have been added as Information, Referral or Triage services as they are technically not clients.