Adding Triage Service to an Existing Client

For centres that use the Triage function. Now you are able to add Triage service to EXISTING clients.

You need to start from Intake Step 1 to add a Triage to an existing Client. Go through the steps as though you are intaking for a new client.

When you reach Step 3, tick the relevant existing Client (make sure this existing Client is indeed the person receiving Triage) and “Save Service.” 

Once this service is saved, you will be able to find this record in Triage sub-menu.

In order to upgrade the Triage record to an actual service, click on the relevant Service ID to open up the service page.

Change the Service Type from Triage to the relevant service, and fill in other details as necessary. 

Once Service Type is changed and all the required details have been filled out, click on Conflict Check button.

This will bring up a pop-up Conflict  Search and Filter window. Tick the relevant Full Client, and then SELECT EXISTING CLIENT.

Clicking on “Existing Client” will bring up the Confirmation pop-up window. Select the appropriate option.

If you go back to the Client Services tab, you will find that Triage service has now been converted to Legal Advice and has been added to the list of Services provided to the Client.