DIY Project Project Service

DIY Project Project Service relates to reporting on Projects and Project Services. Use DIY Project Project Service if you need data on project-specific fields.

The reporting dates available are Project Open Date, Project Close Date, and Project Service Open Date.


Fields unique to this report:

Use DIY Project Service Action if you need to report on the following fields. Note that all these fields correspond to Projects and Project Services only:

  • Any Custom Project Fields
  • Project Close Date
  • Committee Name
  • Committee Work Indicator
  • Project Created By
  • Estimated Direct Cost
  • Estimated Time Spent
  • Evaluation
  • Project Keyword
  • Project Notes
  • Project Description
  • Project ID
  • Project Status
  • Project Title
  • Project Type
  • Project Start Date
  • Project Total Staff Hour

Additional Fields

This report implements a new performance-enhancing feature that works in a similar way to ‘Include Custom Fields’.

There is a dropdown menu which contains a list of multi-select fields that are not loaded into memory by default. You can add these fields (and any related metadata about these fields such as Problem Type Map Type for Problem Type) form the Field List in designing your report but the data will not load until you have ticked the field in the Additional Field(s) dropdown in the filter panel and reloaded the report. Here are some screenshots showing how to add Problem Type fields into your report:

1. Click on the Additional Field(s) dropdown

2. Select ‘Project Service Problem Type’

3. Add some Problem Type fields into the report

4. Click ‘Load Report’