Conflict Check Results

Conflict Found

Where a User determines that a conflict of interest has been found and cannot assist the client, select the Conflict Found button. 

 Step 1. Select the record of Conflict. 

Step 2. Click on Conflict Found.

Step 3. Confirm that you are marking result as conflict found. 

Step 4. Convert service to Information or a Referral. 

No Conflict Found

New Intake 

Where the User wishes to proceed with creating the Client and/or Service, there are a couple of options depending on which conflict check screen you are in 


To proceed:

Conflict CheckSearch Clients from the left menu, and select New Client
Intake – Conflict Check

Select New Client OR

Select a client from the results and click Existing Client

Client Services – Conflict CheckSelect No Conflict


Conflict Check Results

Depending on the details entered the search results will be displayed for all possible matches and it is up to you to make sure whether there is a conflict.

The results from the search above for “jane” are displayed below.

Search that will display all records that contain the words “Jane” including “Mary-Jane,” for example.

The Search and sort fields will best assist to narrow down on the results, for example, in Step 2 the search is for First name “Jane” the search is all wildcard.

Clients and Additional Parties

CLASS Conflict Check results are Categorised into two Groups, the top Groups are ‘Type: Clients’, the Bottom Group are ‘Type: Additional Parties’. If there is a large List of results, and the User needs to inspect ‘Additional Parties’ Click the Triangle Next to ‘Type: Clients’ to hide them, this will show the list of ‘Type: Additional Parties’ underneath. 

Additional Parties are also further divided up into two types in the ‘Party Type’ Column, to Filter to just one or the other. 

1. If ‘Type: Client’ appear as above it means that the list of results that are in CLASS as Clients is minimised. Simply click the little arrow indicated below to expand.

The expanded view of ‘Type: Clients’ will look similar to the screen below once it has been expanded.

Navigating results pages 

 Depending on the number of results returned from a search you may need to navigate between page results.

The image below indicates how to see if there are additional pages with results.

Page Navigation

If there is more than 1 page it will be indicated at the bottom of the page as shown below, click the arrow to scroll to the next page.

Page Size

 You can change the number of results per page, to change the number of results on a page click on page sizes arrow on the bottom left of the page and choose the number of results.