CLASS import tool

There has been a recent trend nationally for Community Legal Centres to add a CMS (Case Management System) to their CLASS system tools. Currently, the most popular CMS tool that is being added is Actionstep, followed closely by Consensus. As centres start to use Actionstep as their primary Case Management System, we have noticed that there is some confusion and misconceptions across our sector relating to CLCs’ Australia’s CLASS Data Import Tool and how it works with centres who are using the Actionstep Konekta sync tool.

If your centre is one of the centres who are migrating to Actionstep or a different CMS, we have answered below a few ‘FAQs” that are being regularly asked about this process and the CLASS import tool. 


The sector has been advised via email and other communication channels, the Data Import Tool is not working to import data from Actionstep using the Konekta Sync template back into CLASS. Some Actionstep and other type of CMS centres use make successful use of the tool to import back into CLASS. These particular centres moved into their new CMS system independently and have used other options/customisations to make the Data Import Tool work. Specifically, the Data Import Tool has failed to work with the Actionstep Konekta Sync Tool.  

As some centres who have gone live using the Konekta Sync Template have stopped entering data into CLASS and are now using Actionstep as their sole case management system and data collection tool, this has meant that they require additional support with their NLAP and quarterly reporting obligations as this information cannot be successfully synced back to CLASS using the Data Import Tool.

Agreed Solution

  1. CLC’S Australia will not continue to redevelop the CLASS Data Import Tool to work with the Konekta Sync Tool, but will keep it live for now so that the centres who make use of it can continue to sync their information back to CLASS for reporting purposes.  We will continue to work with and support the centres that are making use of this tool until it is no longer required. At that time, we will retire the tool, but provide centres using it with support to import their information into the new CLASS data repository that will support the National Dataset for our sector.
  2. CLC’s Australia will create a new Data Repository which will house the sector’s national dataset. We will continue to provide consolidated NLAP and other data request reporting. The first phase of this will specifically support the Actionstep Konekta Sync Tool centres who have already gone live and have stopped entering data into CLASS.  CLC’s Australia will use this location to perform all NLAP reporting for the next quarter. (Over time, this repository will be extended to include some operational data for data quality, legal needs, and other reporting requirements).


Do I need to double enter my centre’s information inside CLASS after we have ‘GONE LIVE’ with Actionstep?

  1. Once you are live in Actionstep, following WorkCloud requesting your final export and performing the final data migration into Actionstep, you no longer need to enter data in CLASS as well.
  2. There is NO NEED to enter data in CLASS AND in Actionstep for the next NLAP report period.
  3. Centres who are live in Actionstep should continue to enter everything into Actionstep for new and continuing matters. Unless your centre or Principal Solicitor has specifically asked you to continue to entering information into CLASS for a specific problem type that will NOT be recorded in Actionstep, there is no longer any need to enter information into CLASS.
  4. In fact, it is detrimental to your data quality and integrity if you enter information into CLASS AFTER you have gone live in Actionstep, as this could create double-counting or cause other issues.


What happens to my CLASS data after my centre is live in Actionstep?

The data in CLASS just stays there for you to query if required, if you feel something has been missed from migration, so that person can update the Actionstep client file if required.

Who will help me with my centre’s NLAP (and operational) Reports for next Quarter?

  1. Our Data Team will perform the NLAP reports that are due for the next quarter, as we have done for the past 2 quarters, regardless of whether that centre is live in Actionstep or still using CLASS.
  2. If the centre is a centre that is already live in Actionstep in Victoria, Skye Forster will help to prepare other operational reports directly out of Actionstep.
  3. If the centre is already using the Data Import Tool to sync with CLASS, they will continue as normal and we will prepare their NLAP reports, and they will prepare their other reports, as per the normal process, via CLASS.
  4. NLAP and other reporting options for future quarters will be confirmed well before the next quarterly reports are due.