Incognito Mode

Accessing incognito mode to troubleshoot issues

Some common issues with CLASS occurred from an update to Google Chrome. Some of the CLASS features can still be accessed using incognito mode. Use the following steps to access Chromes incognito mode;

  • Go to the 3 dots on the top right hand side “⋮”
  • From the drop down select new incognito window
  • Log back into class at on that new darker window or private window
  • Try the part of CLASS that was not working for you
  • If that helps you may have to clear your cache (Click here for more info on how to clear your cache), logout of CLASS and re-open it on your normal window
  • Failing the above please contact the Helpdesk (

On Microsoft Edge Browser a similar approach can be taken but instead its 3 horizontal dots “” toward the top right and then instead selecting “New In Private Window” that is the Incognito equivalent in Edge. We only suggest you use either Chrome or Edge to interact with CLASS.