Deleting a Client

Deleting a Client

You need to follow the steps below to Delete a Client:

  1. Select Client Record
  2. Delete Referential Data (If required)
  3. Delete Additional Parties (If required)
  4. Delete Actions (If Required)
  5. Delete Service (If Required)
  6. Delete Client Record

Step 1. Select CLASS from the primary menu, as indicated in the image below. 

Step 2. Select Search Clients.

Step 3. This will display the Clients tab and search fields.

Step 4. Enter the details to be searched. More information about customising and filtering your search is available at Searching & Exporting.

Below is an example of searching for Jane SMITH

Step 5Select the record to be deleted as indicated below 1 and click Delete 2.

Step 6. A delete confirmation message will pop up , click and click acknowledge then Yes. 

Please Delete Referential Client Service Record(s)

Step 7. This may trigger an alert below. This alert means that the user has to delete any attached Services that are attached to the Clients Record. 

View Deleting Referential Client Service Record(s) instructions for steps on how to delete these Services.