Geocoding and Administrative Boundaries

Overview of the Geolocation Tool


The geolocation tool embedded in CLASS reports shows geographical distribution of clients and services across different regions. Different administrative boundary options are available for users to choose from depending on their requirements. Put simply, from C reports (C03, C05, C06 and C07), this tool will allow users to see how many clients (who may or may not have been filtered by selected demographic criteria) from certain regions were served in the selected reporting period. S01 report, in conjunction with the geolocation tool, will capture various types of services and their numbers delivered in different areas within the selected period. The way the geolocation tool affects certain reports will be further explained in other pages.

Reporting on the geographical distribution of services delivered to the community is an important feature that fulfils multiple needs of the Community Legal Centres. CLCs can to use administrative boundary reports to justify funding in certain areas but it does serve further purposes. It enables stakeholders to disseminate service and client data over statistical areas which can reveal locations of unusual data anomalies where focused efforts may be needed. In turn it allows targeted reporting to gauge effects of targeted campaigns. 

Geocoding data is based on widely used geographical standards from sources such as the Australian Bureau of StatisticsState Territory and Federal Electoral Offices, and Australia Post.  

This means it can be compared to external data sets that use the same standards. 

The following location based breakdowns are available in many CLASS reports:

More detailed descriptions of the above administrative boundary options are here.

Reports available with geocoding location breakdowns are here:

The following reports have geocoding location and administrative boundary breakdowns available:


The Report S01 (similar to C03 but for Services) provides administrative boundary filtering on service counts.