Actions are tasks performed in providing a Service. eg. Appointments, court appearances, communications etc. 

Incorporated in actions is Reminders, Critical dates, Intake notes, Ongoing notes and more. 

Actions play a critical role in measuring work done to provide a service. They track what tasks have been performed. 

Multiple Actions can be attached to a service and these are listed and searchable under the ACTIONS tab for any service.

Intake notes From the intake process are carried across and saved as an action.

Due dates and reminders Can be added which can trigger emails, sent to the worker assigned to this action. 

Saving actions with a due date, creates critical date records.  

They can be accessed via the ACTIONS tab on the Services details screen shown below. 

Customisation of Actions

In the admin section of this guide there is a page/video for Action Types – Managing. (creating/managing/customising actions).