PT01. Top 20 Problem Types

Purpose: List the most frequently selected problem types, in descending numerical order

Report Type: Drilldown


Select any dates and funding categories you require, for example:

  • calendar year: 1 Jan 17 – 31 Dec 17
  • financial year: 1 Jul 16 – 30 Jun 17
  • year to date: 1 Jan 17 – ‘today’


  1. This report counts the most problem types. It is not a reflection on the number of services being delivered. 
  2. As this is a problem type count it is also heavily dependent on data entry. Some practice areas may have numerous and very specific problem types that are commonly selected together while others may have a single problem type encapsulated the entire matter. 
  3. It is a ‘drilldown’ report, allowing some flexibility within CLASS
  4. It can be exported to excel or .csv. Exporting this report removes the filters and dates so take care in saving and naming.  

Recent Changes

The following changes were made on Friday 10 November 2017

The report was changed to display specific problem types, as opposed to ‘high level problem type’. 

For example, instead of showing Housing and the total number of housing/tenancy problem types used, the report now displays ‘Tenancy – arrears’ and other individual problem types. 

This has significantly changed from what was previously available, however should provide much more detail and more indicative of the matters being dealt with.


Example Report