Setup the Microsoft Authenticator App

On the Computer:

1) Go to on Chrome, or preferred browser and choose the account you want to setup, if your account isn’t there pick “Use another account”

2) More information required will appear press next

3) On this screen on Step1 from “How should we contact you” please pick “Mobile App”

4) With mobile app picked tick “Use Verification Code” and then press “setup”

5) Wait for the Configuring screen to finish loading (15-30 seconds)

6) You should now see this please leave your computer like that and go to your phone now

On the Phone:

1) Download the app and install (

Note: for MAC/Apple please follow this guide (

2) Open the App and you should see below screen

3) Pick Add Account below and Choose Work or School Account

4) Pick Scan a QR Code

5) The phone should now use your camera or ask permission to do so you want to direct the Redline or Camera to scan the code on your computer screen

6) Your account should now be added on the phone when you click to open it you should see a code that will change every now and again

On the Computer:

  1. Go to and enter your sign in details you should now be prompted to enter a passcode from the phone after you enter your password
  2. If it comes up with an error on Chrome try in incognito window for example – the error could be “You’re account is deactivated or your username is incorrect”
  3. See The Cache Clear process & Incognito Window guide
  4. Also please check with your IT team / CLASS administrator that you have a CLASS user account & Microsoft Office account setup for your organisation. More here for your admin or for yourself