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The following pages are designed to assist users familiar CLSIS. If you are a relatively new User  and not familiar with CLSIS then you will not need to read this chapter. This chapter focuses on the main CLSIS screens and shows where each now exists in CLASS. 

 CLSIS to CLASS is useful to find where a CLSIS field has gone or how it has been renamed. If a field has changed in some way, it is usually to be consistent with the National Legal Assistance Data Standards Manual or to bring the language up to date.

There are also some concepts and related fields that do not exist in CLASS. The best example of this is Matters. You can find out more about that here: 

Another issue is how CLSIS field options have been migrated into CLASS. Standard options have been ‘mapped’ into the new options, and where applicable, renamed. Many Centres had added their own custom options (‘Level 3 Codes’) in CLSIS. These will be migrated and indicated by a prefix (L) for Legacy option.  This is to avoid confusion where there may now be two similarly names options. For consistency, it is highly recommended that Users select the new (non-custom) option where two similarly named options exist. 

Commonly used terms in this chapter:



FieldName of each place for a piece of data. For example ‘Last Name’ is the field is where you would enter in your client’s Last Name. Other fields may be for a number or a date, a text box, or drop down menu.
Optionre selections inside some fields, for example a ‘Select your favourite colour’ field may have a drop down list of the options ‘red’, ‘green’, and ‘blue’, and the user can choose one (or sometimes more than one).  
Group is a new CLASS term that means a box with a number of fields grouped together. Groups have titles at the top such as ‘Service Characteristics’.

So let’s get started with the CLSIS Home Screen. Click on an image to view it in more detail. 

Please note – these screenshots are based on a recent version of CLSIS that has not been customised. Some screens may be slightly different to your version of CLSIS.

CLSIS Home Screen

The RED numbers in the graphic indicates a screen number used in the documentation that follows. See the chapter contents above to locate each CLSIS page with corresponding number.