Example: Open Representation Services by Worker

This step-by-step example shows you how to generate a list of your open ongoing Representation Services. Please note, casework is now referred to as representation and includes Other Representation, Court/Tribunal or Dispute Resolution. Ongoing services require an open and a close date.

Useful for

Casework supervision and annual PII crosschecks.

The following steps may be applied to any other filtered list. Images are provided to the right.

Step 1. Select the Search Services menu from the left hand side menu.

Step 2. Right click on any column title, and select Filter Builder from the menu options. You can also display the Filter Builder by selecting the blue, underlined text at the bottom of the screen. This text shows you what you are currently searching.

Step 3. Add a search filter: Select the + icon, to the right of And.

Step 4. Select Actions and choose the column or field you wish to base the first criteria on. In this example we will start with Close Date.

Step 5. Select Begins with, and choose Is Blank from the menu. This will display results where the close date is empty, that is, the file is still open.

Step 6. Add another search filter:

Want your list to include all workers’ services? Skip this step and go to Step 7.

a. Select the + icon, to the right of And
b. From Actions, select Assigned To. This is to filter the results by Solicitor/Caseworker etc.
c. Change Begins With to Equals, or Contains, whichever is relevant to your Worker names. 

Step 7. Add another search filter:

a. Select the + icon, to the right of And
b. From Actions, select Service Type

Step 8. From Begins with, select Is any of. This will allow you to search multiple Service Types, or values, at once.

a. Into <enter a value>, type Other Representation
b. Click the icon to the right of Other Representation to add another value, separated by and.
c. Type Court/Tribunal into the second <enter a value>.

Final Search Criteria

Open Ongoing Services by Worker:

All Court/Tribunal OR Other Representation services, where theClose Date is blank (ie still open) AND the Assigned Worker is <Name>.

Step 9. Select OK. You should now see a list of your open Other Representation & Court/Tribunal services.

Export this list to review offline by selecting the Export icon. If no results are displayed, try selecting Refresh from the CLASS toolbar (not the Chrome window). 

See how to export here: Exporting lists

Don’t see the Export icon? Ask your Administrator or the Helpdesk to update your Permissions.

Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 8

Step 9

Refer to the Data Consistency Guide for definitions of Service types such as Discrete Services, Ongoing Services and Community Projects.