Step 5: Service Details

What is Intake?

Information and Referral

  1. Collect Basic Intake Details
  2. Additional Parties Conflict Check
  3. Client Conflict Check
  4. Client Details
  5. Service Details

Once you have reached the Step 5, make sure to click on the Service ID highlighted in green to complete the Service form. Do NOT click out from this stage as the intake is not complete and the entry won’t be saved.

Clicking onto the Service ID reveals the Service form. Complete the fields and Save & Close.

Intake Step 5 is equivalent to completing the Service form in the alternative intake process.

Find the client that has been saved by searching in Search Clients with relevant details.

Once found, click on Client Services tab to attach a new Service.

Click on New inside Client Services to add a new Service.

Fill in Service details as relevant.