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Who sets up CLASS User Accounts and permissions?

The CLASS Administrator(s) for each Centre are responsible for creating new user accounts, however the CLASS Helpdesk can assist.

Can CLASS Users Accounts share an email address?

No. Each User Account must have an individual email address, unique to CLASS. 

We need unique email addresses to ensure CLASS is secure and access to CLASS is monitored and accountable. It also means that the ‘Audit trail’ is accurate. Using shared mailboxes makes auditing incredibly difficult in some situations.

The email address is required for receiving ‘Reminders’ created in CLASS.

Creating individual emails for each volunteer at a CLC can be a burdensome and costly process, however CLCs Australia does not recommend using shared mailboxes for volunteers who need to use CLASS, so there are a few options:

  1. Create a new centre email for each volunteer via your IT support. You could create vol1@…, vol2@… etc so that the email can be re-assigned when volunteers leave. This may cost something, but might be useful if you wanted to use it for other purposes. It might not cost anything if you create unlicensed users in Azure though. The unlicensed users should still get a mailbox, but we aren’t sure about that.
  2. Use an existing personal email. This is easy, although you might have centre policies in place about personal emails and centre data. You’ll still need to create a user in Azure for the CLASS account username though.
  3. You could create a new tenant to set up unlicensed users. You need to remember to set up security defaults.
  4. Whichever tenancy you use, if you set up unlicensed users without MFA set up, you should use the supervised user feature. Read about supervised users on this page, look for ‘IP Management’.
  5. If you really want your volunteers to share a mailbox, you could create the Azure account for the shared mailbox they’ll use, then create seperate, unlicensed users for each CLASS account. Then the email address for the account can be the shared mailbox (using plus addressing), and the username for the account can be the unique email addresses.

This all depends on whether you have conditional access and MFA switched on for your AAD though, so you may need to use the alternate login process which is described on this page, just scroll down until you find the heading for it.

How do I set up a volunteer with a CLASS account? Can I use their private email for their account?

Volunteers are set up with CLASS Accounts the same way as other Users. Understandably, volunteers may require a lower level of access so there is a template ‘Volunteer’ Role available. This can be amended on a Centre or individual basis as required. 

All CLASS Users must have their own email address. The email address is used to receive CLASS Reminders, such as a court appearance or critical date. As most volunteers do not have their own Centre email address, there are a few options. Centres should make their own assessment of which option is most appropriate and taking centre policies and procedures into account. The options include:

  • Use a personal email address.
  • Create a new centre email address for each volunteer such as to be used by one volunteer at a time. These can be unlicensed Azure users.
  • Create a generic Gmail account such as and use aliases. (e.g. This is a free option and requires a CLASS Administrator to manage the inbox and distribute CLASS usernames.

For more assistance, contact the Helpdesk.

What devices can I use CLASS with?

CLASS has been designed to work on many devices including desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. To begin with, CLASS will work best on desktop computers and laptops, both PC and Mac. Tablet and smart phone accessibility will be optimised in a later update to CLASS.

We alway recommend accessing CLASS through Google Chrome, as CLASS was optimised to work with this browser. The Microsoft Edge browser may also work, as well as Opera, as long as they are up-to-date.