DIY recipe 17 detailed problem types report

This is regarding the PT01 report the top 20 problem types report in CLASS. There is only one of this standard report type. Some centre’s have raised that sometimes they need the information to be further broken down with this report when eg. one of the Top Problem Type’s is “Other Civil” its’ good to know what exactly that means in detail by looking at the “Problem Type Map Type” and Sub problem types. 

Note a similar broken down report for Law Type & Primary Law Type can be created but just substitute the law type fields with the problem type ones in the process below.

Step-by-step guide

  • Open the list of reports, which is found under the CLASS Menu ‘Reports and Accountability‘ (bottom left corner of CLASS). Next click menu item ‘Reports’ (top left menu).
  • Search for, then select the DIY report template with the Display name: “DIY Service Client
  • Set the ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’ (alternatively select a ‘Rolling Date Range’)
  • Set ‘Additional Reporting Dates’ to ‘Service Date (Completed Service)’ 
  • Ensure Problem Type is ticked from the Additional Field(s) drop down on the left-hand side or you will get no data

  • Under Funding Categories, select all (unless you only want to look at a specific funding category).
  • Open the Field List by clicking the customise button in the top right, or right clicking on any white space within the centre of the report and picking “Show Field List” 
  • Drag ‘No Of Service‘ into ‘Drop Data Items Here
  • Drag all of the following fields to ‘Drop Row Fields Here’ (NOT in ‘Drop Column Fields Here’)
    • Problem Type Map Type
    • then Problem Types to the right of Problem Type
  • Click the ‘Load Report’ button on the left-hand side
  • Save and Share as required.
  • Note you may want to export the results into Excel for further data manipulation such as sorting by the highest count of services per parent problem type this is done via the export button via the top right >> Save as CSV

Finished example report: