The Accountability module allows centres to submit financial and progress reports to Program Managers. Program Managers are able to review, approve, or not approve reports. Reports within accountability provide information on requirements and benchmarks as set by funding bodies, and allow for dialogue between Centres and Program Managers.

The experience of CLASS Administrators and Program Managers varies significantly, and so this module will be broken into two distinct sections, Centres and Program Managers.

Accountability for Centres

Accountability For Program Managers

A Common Accountability Workflow

Process of an Accountability Report

  1. Program Managers choose which reports which Centres are required to submit, and choose due dates.
  2. Centres complete the reports, which vary between three different types of reports.
  3. Centres change the status of the report from “Draft” to “Submitted”. This will prevent further changes to the report, and the report will appear for the Program Managers.
  4. Program Managers choose whether the information is as needed, and are able to change the status to either “Approved” or “Not Approved” as needed. “Not Approved” moves is back to the centres to re-draft the report.
  5. If the Program Manager is satisfied with the submitted report, they can change the status to “Approved”. Program Managers are able to later change the status again to “Not Approved” if required.
  6. Once the Program Managers are satisfied with the report(s) and they’re approved, they sit in CLASS as historical records.