Information to Support NSW CLCs (Funding Applications)

This page has been prepared in consultation with CLCNSW to support NSW CLCs in preparing their funding applications to the NSW CLC Funding Program 2018.

At this stage NACLC has limited information about the tender criteria, we will update this page as information comes through from CLCNSW.


Running Reports

If you have no experience running CLASS Reports, a good starting point is here: Reporting and Accountability

Some useful tips when running any of these reports:

  • Consider the time period you are reporting on: do you want three separate reports over the past three financial years, or one report for the past three years?
  • Make sure you are aware of which funding categories you are reporting on. Do you want to set out all services you have delivered, or break it down by funding category over multiple reports?


The following reports provide a useful overview of the services your CLC has delivered, and the details of clients these services have been delivered to.


Which breaks down client numbers by NPA priority groups. Note that this is a more flexible version of C01. Clients by Priority Group.

To report on CALD status, select “Main Language Spoken at Home Not English” as Yes. We suggest you leave “Interpreter/Translator Required” as Any.

Selecting “Yes” in the “New Client” field allows you to report on clients who have had their first service in the time period. Select “Any” to report on all clients with services provided in the time period.

This report also allows you to break down clients by location. Under “Catchment” select “Aggregate By Administrative Boundary”, and choose which Administrative Boundary Type (Suburb, Postcode, LGA, etc.) you want to report on.

Flexible report which allows you to determine numbers of clients of particular demographics (e.g Age, Gender, priority client groups) divided into Family, Civil and Criminal Law. This is also the report to use to report on total number of clients.


Together these two reports break down numbers of services across all High Level problem types (e.g consumer, credit & debt, discrimination). 


Important advice about CLASS data and reports

 In June 2018 NACLC prepared some advice for CLCs and governments about understanding CLASS data and reports for periods prior to data migration in March 2017, and for the 2017-18 financial year. To download a copy of this paper, click here


Need more help?


For help generating reports, please contact CLASS Helpdesk:

Ph:     1300 484 498