Step 2: Additional Parties with Conflict Check

What is Intake?

Information and Referral

  1. Collect Basic Intake Details
  2. Additional Parties Conflict Check
  3. Client Conflict Check
  4. Client Details
  5. Service Details

Step 1. Click on Additional Parties button shown below. It is located at the top right side of your screen.

Step 2. This will open the Additional Parties Tab.

Step 3. Click on Add Party to add the details, as shown above.

Step 4. Enter the details for the clients Additional Parties. 


Step 5. Once the details are entered you can click on Save to create the Additional Party, or Save and New to go into a workflow to add more parties.

Step 6. Click the Conflict Search and Sort link indicated below by Conflict Check before Step 3.

It is important to Conflict Check the Additional Parties before proceeding further.

Step 7. Clicking the Conflict Search and Sort link above will open the Conflict Check window to preform a Conflict Check. This is demonstrated below.The details of the Additional Party entered previously will be carried across into the Conflict Check window. Click on Search to display results.

For more detailed instructions on how manipulate Conflict Check results refer to the Conflict Check Results Page.

Step 8. If there are no conflicts found, click No Conflict.

Step 9. Click on the Intake Step 3 button below to proceed.