DIY Reports Monthly Breakdowns

Month-to-month data may be used to develop indicators of productivity, and is a valuable resource to be used when compiling your centre’s annual statistics.

Did you know you can break down your DIY report into smaller pieces?

Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to Reports & Accountability – Reports
  2. Open a DIY report template
  3. In the filter panel on the left hand side set the date range, additional fields and funding categories you’d like to capture
  4. Over on the report space, click Customise in the top right hand side to bring up the Field List
  5. From the PivotGrid Field List:
  6. drag the data fields (e.g., Assigned to, Service type or Problem type) into ‘Drop Row Items Here’ area
  7. drag your KPI counts (e.g., No of Service, No of Client) into ‘Drop Data Items Here’ area
  8. drag ‘Month’ or ‘Week’ into ‘Drop Column Fields Here’ area
  9. Click Load Report

Note if you have any custom fields please tick include custom fields on the left hand side

Note if you have fields that aren’t loading data please ensure to include them via the Additional Field(s) drop down on the left hand side as well.

Here is an example of the monthly breakdown report:

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