Creating an Information or Referral

What is Intake?

Information and Referral

  1. Collect Basic Intake Details
  2. Additional Parties Conflict Check
  3. Client Conflict Check
  4. Client Details
  5. Service Details

Step 1. Click on CLASS indicated by Step 1 in the image below.

Step 2. Click on the New Intake button on the secondary menu.


Step 3. This opens up the Service Details page. Fill in the Service Details fields. 

Step 4. Select an Information or Referral from the drop-down list.

Step 5. Fill in details captured by your centre for either service and click on Save Service and this creates the Service.

Step 6. To check that the Information or Referral service has been created click on Search Services.


Viewing Information or Referral Service

Some centres choose to store personal information of their non-clients in Non-Client IDs and the associated Service IDs; some centres choose the setting to automatically delete personal details of those who received referral/information services only (while retaining the IDs to keep the service count). If your centre needs to change the current setting to either delete or keep the personal details of non-clients, please contact the Helpdesk. 

Step 1. Select CLASS from from the primary menu as indicated in the image below.

Step 2. Select Search Services from the secondary menu.

Step 3. Search for the Service using the Service Type, i.e. either Information or Referral depending on the service type you wish to display.

This will bring up ALL information or referral services, which can be displayed in chronological/reverse chronological order by left clicking on the words ‘Open Date’ at the top of the open date column.

Clicking on Show All button in Non-Clients will reveal all non-clients who received non-legal services such as information, referral and triage services. You can click on individual Client IDs to see the services they received.