Conflict Check Notes

Adding a Conflict Check Note to Additional Party


Conflict Check Note- A note can be attached to a conflict check result under the Additional Parties Tab.

Step 1. Click on the Conflict Search and Sort Link indicated below. 

Step 2. The Conflict window is displayed and the additional party’s details are pulled across. See image below and steps;

  1. Details will populate into the fields.
  2. Click on Search to run a conflict check.
  3. Select a result.

Step 3. For example, selecting No Conflict found will return the Additional Parties tab indicated below to add a note.

Click back to Service details tab indicated below to add the notes to the Conflict check result.

Step 4. Once on the Service details page.

Click on the View Conflicts link found on the Service Details – Basic Data section indicated below.

Step 5. This will display the Conflict check result selected in Step 2. 

To add a note click on the 1. Result Type.

Step 6. Add Notes in the Notes field and Click on Save.


Step 7. The notes will be added to the Conflict check result.