NEW: From September 2018, Triage Services can now be added to existing Full-Clients. 

For centres that use the Triage function. From inside the Triage service, users first change the Service type to the desired Full-Service (see Conflict Check changes above for service definitions) then click ‘Conflict Check’ to search carefully for correct existing Full Client. Clicking ‘Existing’ Client button in Conflict check will add your newly transformed service to the existing client. Be careful not to click “New Client” in conflict check, or a duplicate client will be inadvertently created, which will need to be merged.

What is triage?

Triage is a way to enter clients into CLASS as soon as a client makes an appointment, before a service has been provided. A conflict check is carried out for clients entered into triage. Triage is like a virtual waiting area.

Why use the triage function?

Triage is useful because it offers a simple way to take basic details and notes about a client’s situation prior to delivering a service. You can then change the service type and add further details once the service has been delivered.

A Centre’s CLASS admin can add custom fields to their Centre’s triage function such as an appointment date/time field. If you would like help in setting up this function the CLASS team would be more than happy to help.

How does Triage assist working remotely?

When working remotely intake officers, volunteers, admin staff or anyone who does an intake can use triage as a prompt to record essential details about a client and their problem type, just like forms you may use in the office.

Before the service has been delivered, solicitors, intake and admin staff/volunteers can add ‘actions’ including intake notes, communication notes or action notes. All these actions can then be viewed by the solicitor to help provide an effective service for the client.

A solicitor can then open that triage service on CLASS from their remote work location and determine the appropriate action.

What happens when the service has been delivered?

Once the service has been delivered you can change the service type to the actual service delivered. To do this:

1. Change the service type on the service screen

  2.Add the required information

  3. Click ‘conflict check’

4. You can then either make a new client or add the service to an existing client. To add the service to an existing client, tick the box next to the client’s name and then click ‘existing client’. (We understand that there have been some issues with saving a service to an existing client and we are working to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Need more information?

Check out this video showing you how to use triage.