Large Screen Remote Access

CLASS under certain circumstances can be accessed remotely, meaning away from your office.

There are two types of Remote Access:

To learn more about Remote Access and how it works click here

Full Screen Remote Access allows certain users with laptops or larger tablets to access a fully functioning full-screen version CLASS.  Laptops should be no different to the office version of CLASS, however tablets (e.g. ipads, androids etc) may have some limitations, such as some difficulties with touch-screen use. However testing so far has found that the majority of critical functions will work fine on these larger (than mobile phone) screens.

Full-Screen Access is designed for users that need to work with CLASS away from the office, for example, Lawyers working on cases from home, or those working in courts, tribunals, or providing full services in outreach locations etc. This type of access is particularly useful for centres that need to conduct comprehensive conflict checking, or those that prefer to enter client and service information immediately, such as centres aiming to avoid paper forms wherever possible. 

For this to work users will need chrome browser, reliable internet, and VPN access set up on the device. 

To learn more about VPNs and how to set up access, please see VPN Set Up